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Bulgaria is situated in the South Eastern corner of Europe and the Black Sea runs the length of its eastern boundary.

Bulgaria is a politically stable country with a developing economy, whilst the preferential conditions and guarantees for foreign investors have generated excellent business opportunities and investment growth potential.


Bulgarian real estate prices are substantially lower than other destinations in Europe. People who are buying properties in Bulgaria are looking for holiday/second homes, often with a view to retirement in later years. There is as well a great number of investors who are simply buying property with a view to making a capital gain in the short or long term. This growing interest, along with other factors such as the rise in tourist numbers and increasing awareness of the opportunities, makes Bulgaria one of the hotspots of Europe.

We are located in
Varna which is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is a major tourist destination.


Here at Relocation Bulgaria we specialise in village properties at prices that are affordable and at the same time in big developing projects which are "ready to roll" in a rapidly booming part of Bulgaria.

We are the sole agent for each property on our website and we put a sale sign in it wherever it’s possible.

When you use one of our services we hope that you're also making a friend for as long as you need us - hopefully forever!



Kate Stefanova - Owner and Manager